Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mini-Patio Makeover

My back patio was looking a bit sparse. Since I do most of my painting out there, I said "This patio needs an overhaul! My baker's rack had a wooden top that has sagged over time, and I couldn't put anything on it. I had some salvaged planks from a fence:

The old top was inset, but using three planks, I decided have an overhang. I just needed to find a way to attach them.I used some brackets that fit over pipes I found at Lowe's in the plumbing dept.

Now I just have to pretty it up!

I purchased some plants and flowers from the local greenhouse on the cheap! 50 cents to $1.00!!!

I rearranged my area a bit, moving the table to the side, so everything can be viewed easier.

I now have a chair and side table facing this view- I can enjoy my morning coffee, and best of all, I'll have pretty inspiration to paint!


  1. Awwwe..that came out so nice...loving your happy colorful painted pots,plants & pretty comfy area..nothing like being able to sit & enjoy the fruits of your labor. Aahhh..while sipping that coffee

    1. Thank you, Antoinette! It was a nice view today while I was busy painting a chair!